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Government Medicare Websites The official government website for information on Medicare and Medicare supplements.

2018 Medicare Health Plans in Virginia - A PDF document of the Virginia Medicare Supplement plans. It provides a breakdown of costs by location. 

Social Security Administration - The website contains general information about when you become eligible for Medicare. According to the website "everyone eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is also eligible for Medicare after a 24-month qualifying period."

Veterans Administration - Information on health insurance through the Veterans Administration.

Who is eligible for Medicare? A fact sheet from U.S Department on Health and Human Services. The page explains who is eligible for Medicare.

Virginia Medigap policies and premium comparison guide - Provides contact information for the Virginia State Corporation Commission Bureau of Insurance and information on Medicare and Medigap plans. 

Medicare Guides

Medicare & You 2018 - An official guide from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Medicare. It contains a checklist on how to get started.

Medicare and You - A basic guide from the AARP on understanding Medicare. 

Your Guide to Medicare Coverage - US News and World Report has put out a guide on Medicare coverage. The writer is the senior editor for Retirement at U.S. News.

Guide to Getting the Most Out of Medicare - A central page of resources on Medicare from Consumer Reports. It contains links to in-depth information about Medicare including sections on Medicare Advantage, Medigap and Medicare Part D. 


Medicare guide from the Social Security Administration - Provides some basic information about Medicare and some of the options when choosing Medicare coverage.

Boomer Blogs Websites

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) - The official website of AARP. It contains numerous articles about Medicare and retirement issues.

Boomer Magazine - A Richmond-based magazine for the Baby Boomer generation. It publishes articles on arts, food, travel, recreation and exercise. 

The Retirement Café - A blog with information on finances and retirement planning. 

The Retirement Manifesto - A blog for  “Helping People Achieve A Great Retirement.”

Boomer Cafe - Contains great articles like "The 50 best songs of our boomer generation" and "Confessions of a baby boomer bookworm."

Sixty and Me - A cultural website focused on the Baby Boomer generation. It has a section on health and wellness. 


Health and Wellness

Well - The health and wellness blog from the NY Times. 

Flipping 50 - A YouTube channel dedicated to exercise for people who are "going to live their second 50." 

Ageless after 50 - Fitness expert Linda Melone offers tips and exercises for women over 50.

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