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One of the most troubling things for consumers nowadays is the soaring cost of prescription drugs. The New York Times reports that 45% of American citizens under the age of 65 are depriving themselves of good health care because they can't afford their prescriptions and don't even bother filling them. There is, however, some hope on the horizon. Along with the price of prescription drugs currently greater than ever before, many men and women are trying to find a solution in choosing prescription drug plans.

How to Receive Medicare Prescription Drug Part D Coverage:

There are two ways to receive Medicare Prescription Drug Part D coverage. One is by enrolling in what is called a Stand-Alone Part D Drug Plan. This is for people who only have Original Medicare, a Medicare Supplement, or a special type of Medicare Advantage Plan called a Private Fee For Service (PFFS) Plan. The second way to have Medicare Prescription Drug Part D coverage is by enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes drug coverage (MAPD).
Understand that some drug plans limit the coverage of select medications. Also, don't assume all drugs are included in every plan. That's why it makes good sense for you to examine a drug formulary (the list of covered drugs) prior to deciding which prescription drug plan is best
suited to you specifications.
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