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Medicare Insurance Agencies in Richmond, VA

If you are searching for Medicare Insurance Agencies in Richmond, VA, look to the Medicare experts at Boomer Insurance Group. With over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, we understand all aspects of Medicare. Boomer Insurance Group is committed to helping people understand the complex nature of Medicare. Whether you are looking for more information on Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, or other Medicare components, our insurance advisors can assist you. We are available as a Medicare insurance resource for Central Virginia residents. We will answer any questions about Medicare and Medicare plan options and discuss benefits and the available choices.

Medicare can be confusing and challenging to navigate if you are not familiar with how Medicare works. We understand the importance of Medicare and selecting the right plans for your needs and financial situation. Our Medicare Insurance Advisors can help with Medicare Advantage, Supplemental Plans, Medicare disability, and more. With Boomer Insurance Group, you have the support and insight you need to make the best decision. We are here to provide helpful and courteous service. Contact Boomer Insurance Group in Richmond, VA, for more information on our Medicare services. 

IRMAA Life Event Form

First, you need to obtain and fill out a life-change event form so that you can notify the Social Security Administration of this event.

A copy of the page in the letter that you received from the Social Security Administration

Next, you need to obtain the page describing the year and income that the Social Security Administration is trying to penalize you for to raise your Medicare rates. Make a copy of that one page that shows the income you made in 2018; then, you can package that copy with the other items.

Estimated current year income

Moving forward, you need to write down your estimated income for 2020. You can type this up and incorporate you and your spouse's expected income. Income includes Social Security income, interests on savings, 401K, and more. At the bottom of the page, add the total income for you and your spouse. Highlight it with large font, so it is clear to the Social Security Administration.

Proof of life-event

Lastly, you need proof from your employer or another party that you have experienced a life-changing event that has had an impact on your income. Whether that comes in the form of a letter, an email, or another type of communication, it's necessary.

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